Broken Promises and Open Hostility: Organizing Poor Whites in America

How the left and right have failed poor whites in America and what we can do about it.

Hope Beyond Hope

Rev Sarah explores Holy Week during covid-19 in light of her work in Grays Harbor County.

Radical Chaplaincy: Reflections on the Northwest Solidarity Tour

Can chaplaincy be reinvisioned? Cowritten with Aaron Scott and The Rev. Lindsey Krinks, reflecting on homeless organizing around the country.

Drugs, Divide-and-Conquer and Dissent: Perspectives on the opioid crisis

Team members of Chaplains on the Harbor contribute to an article with other members of the National Homeless Union,exploring the effects of the opiod crisis on our communities.

Doing Theology on the Edge of Empire

What does it mean to do theology on the ground in a poor community?