I never expected to be putting together a website about myself and my work, but here I am. I started life in a working class suburb of San Jose, CA and grew up on a little subsistence farm in Grays Harbor County, WA. 

Years later, with a master’s degree and ordination in the Episcopal Church, and working back in Grays Harbor, I find myself thinking deeply about where have come from, what my work has been like so far, and where I am going. 

I find myself continuing the subsistence practices I learned as a child: growing food, making cheese, practicing herbal medicine. 

I find myself thinking a lot about my work as a pastor and organizer in a very poor, majority white community, with a significant Native presence.  

I find myself wondering about how we can find healing for land and people together, in this time a place. 

So I decided to start writing again and sharing my reflections. 

If religion, or organizing poor people, or dismantling white supremacy, or growing our own food, or healing are interesting to you, perhaps you will want to join me. 

So it is better to speak, remembering

We were never meant to survive. — Audre Lorde



  1. Tammy L Davidson says:

    cant wait to see more of your writing and to see what is to come,


  2. James T. Elliott says:

    Congratulations, Sarah. We need your vision, stamina and leadership. Thank you for making this old retired priest proud and grateful.


  3. Bonnie Campbell says:

    I love this!


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